Where It Could've Ended Is Where It Really Started

It was approaching 1am on Friday night. Standing at the quiet side of the bar I asked my friend if she could get my hat for me. As I was awaiting her return I remember feeling pretty warm and was starting to sweat a little but that’s pretty common in a packed music venue.

The next thing I remember is coming round in the back of an ambulance as they rushed me to hospital. I have a brief memory of trying to attack anyone who came near me but I'm not really sure what was reality and what was a figment of my imagination at that point.

I started becoming violently sick, throwing up all over myself and fading in and out of consciousness due to what I later found out to be a severe concussion from smashing my head on the floor as I collapsed.

I was in that hospital bed for what felt like a lifetime and I can’t explain the pain I was feeling every time I moved. I had hyperextended all of my muscles during the seizure and dislocated my right shoulder.

I think the scariest thing about the whole episode is that I felt perfectly normal beforehand.

My friend later received the cctv footage and said that he never wanted to watch it again, it was that disturbing.


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