A One Night Stand In California

We had been out in LA for a few days when we ended up in some cocktail bar that we should never have been allowed in (but that's another story) when we met a group of American girls towards the end of the night. I don't remember a huge amount from that part of the night due to the amount of alcohol that we had consumed; I just remember being asked to say words in an English way like "telly" and "loo".

One way or another we ended up with one of these girl's phone numbers. We told them that we were driving to Vegas in two days and they told us that they lived in Lancaster which was "on the way", so we should go out with them the night before and that's exactly what ended up happening.

As our night out with them came to an end we ended up back at their place and split off into groups where I ended up agreeing to marry someone to stay in the country but again that's another story.

The morning came and we had a several hour drive to Vegas ahead of us which meant we needed to leave stupidly early. I rounded everyone up apart from Alex who was in another room with one of the girls; so I knocked and told him we had to go, to which I got told to "give me 10 minutes".

He eventually emerged and we managed to get ourselves together enough to leave on time. I asked him what happened with the girl and he told me that when I knocked, he couldn't remember if he had se with her or not so he quickly did and that's why he needed 10 minutes.


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